• Ladies' Power Lunch Anthologies

    In LPL collaborative book projects, female entrepreneurs come together to share their stories of personal transformation and healing.


    The inaugural collaborative book project "Transformation 2020" was released in September 2020 and swiftly became an Amazon bestseller in two categories. 50% of all royalties from all LPL Anthologies are donated to the LPL Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation.


    Click here to purchase the signed paperback.

    Click here to purchase the ebook from Amazon.


    Interested in being a contributing author to the next LPL anthology?


    As a contributing author you will:

    - Establish credibility in your field of expertise

    - Become a bestseller author through our tried-and-true book launch process

    - Gain additional revenue streams (book sales, workshops, classes, etc...)

    - Have your business highlighted through print media, podcasts, and social media

    - Meet and network with other authors and business owners who are compassionate, inspiring, and will celebrate your successes with you

    - Become a member of the HIVE, our Writers Mastermind, to connect with and get support from other authors from across the U.S. and internationally. 


    Project Timeline for LPL Anthology #2

    - Applications Due Oct 31, 2020

    - All Applicants Notified by Nov 4, 2020

    - First Collaborative Meeting Nov 9, 2020

    - Second Collaborative Meeting Dec 14, 2020

    - Rough Draft Due Dec 15, 2020

    - Third Collaborative Meeting Jan 11, 2021

    - Final Draft Due Jan 31, 2021

    - Fourth Collaborative Meeting Feb 8, 2021

    - Review Final Proofs for Edits Feb 2021

    - Book Launch Team Meeting March Date TBD

    - Book Launch March 2021

    - Celebration/Reflection Meeting Date TBD


    Authors are also invited to attend our monthly Writers' Hive Mastermind on the third Wednesday of each month. This is free to all current and former writing clients of Green Heart Living.


    All meetings are optional - none are required. There are many opportunities for networking and learning about the publishing process - you get to choose how much you get involved in.  


    Ready to write with us?


  • How It Works

    Ladies' Power Lunch Anthology Application Process


    Read the Overview

    Read the details above and look at our first anthology book "Transformation 2020" to see if this collaboration feels aligned for you.


    Submit an Application

    Click the link at the bottom of the page to complete the 5-10 minute application.


    Make Payment

    Pay the $275 participation fee via Venmo, Zelle or PayPal @GreenHeartLiving / Elizabeth Bohmier.

    Pre-payment is not required in order to be considered as an applicant, but it does help us keep the Green Heart Living business fiscally strong so we can keep focused on our mission. Participation fee is fully refunded if you are not accepted or decide to not participate in the publication.

  • Ready to Write?

    Ready to apply? Click the link below to complete the application.

    It will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

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