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Slow Down to Speed Up

((Or What I Learned From the Flu))

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The Universe just sent me a message in threes to SLOW DOWN to Speed Up - and I am answering the call by paying this idea forward. As I trust I am not the only one needing this message right now!

I got hit with the flu last week and it was a doozy (I'm still a little sniffly). Michael and I were binge-watching Rich Litvin to help us feel better about our lives, since having the flu is extremely depressing.

Rich Litvin was sitting in front of some beautiful water fountain thing with bees attacking him and he said Slow Down to Speed Up and I just fell in love with it. I wrote it in my journal and my heart.

The next day I rallied enough to have my coaching session with my coach. My coaching request was to keep momentum, despite being sick, despite this, despite that, etc... etc....

And, she said something like, "I hear you wanting to keep momentum and just keep on in massive action - and you are in the midst of the flu - and you've just faced some fairly significant life stuff......Do you really want to be looking at keeping momentum or something else? You may consider that sometimes we have to Slow Down to Speed Up."

YUP. She said the words!

And I told her that Rich Litvin had just told me the same thing. And she laughed.

Emily said, "Yes, Rich told you, I told you and your body told you. You've got some powerful connection to the Universe going on."

I've been in the process of learning to slow down for almost 20 years - from when I first started my yoga practice. I had thought that my daily meditation and journaling and yoga-ing was enough "Slowing Down" for me. I had thought switching up my priorities and my schedule to include more "me-time" was adequate to keep me healthy and in Zen mode.

AND the fact is, I have been up to much more powerful actions - speaking engagements, networking events, working with more coaching clients - AND I am learning that what was sufficient enough for me to battle overwhelm and fatigue is not doing the trick anymore. I have to put my "SLOW DOWN" in overdrive (pun intended). I need to step up my level of self-care so that I can be in a space where I can "Speed Up" my life and do the bigger, bolder, leader-type things I am up to in the world these days.

I teach what I need to learn the most. I teach what does not come easy for me. This is why I wrote a book on Overwhelm and Avoiding Burnout! I wrote it because I needed to remember what I had learned for all eternity - and live into it fully.

So I am launching an 8-week course for us to take the mental idea of Slowing Down and embody it - in our bodies, in our schedules, in our actions. To live into it together.

Does this appeal to you? Do you both hate the idea of slowing down and know that your body and mind ache for it?

Do you feel like you are always doing and always climbing and never really getting anywhere different?

Is it time to switch this up? And does it also seem completely impossible?

If so, please take a leap of faith with me and register here:

I am leaping, too. I've seen the difference that slowing down has made so far in my life - and I am excited and nervous to see what doing even more (of less) can make happen in my life - and yours.

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