• Love All Ways

    21-Day Manifesting Experience

    Let's Talk About Love

    21-Day Manifesting Experience

    Did you know that there are 8 forms of love according to the Ancient Greeks?


    Did you know that romantic love is just a sliver of all the love that there is to experience?

    Did you know the forms of love reside in different energy centers in our body - and can impact our physical and emotional health?


    The 21-Day Manifesting Experience "Love All Ways" explores all of this - enhancing your experience of love in all ways.


    Love All Ways

    21-Day Manifesting Experience

    21 days of 20-minute meditations which include:

    • Centering
    • Pranayama (Breathing practices designed to balance the nervous system)
    • Exploration of the body's energy centers (chakras) and the 8 words for love as defined by the Ancient Greeks
    • Reflections and journal-prompts on your lived experience of love
    • Guided mantra meditations
  • 8 Forms of Love & their Chakra Centers

    21-Day Manifesting Experience Course Content

    8 different forms of love:

    - Agape (Unconditional Love)

    - Eros (Passionate Love)

    - Philia (Affectionate Love)

    - Philautia (Self-Love

    - Storge (Familial Love)

    - Pragma (Enduring Love)

    - Ludus (Playful Love)

    - Mania (Obsessive Love)

    Where these forms of love live within the 7 energy centers of the body:

    - Root Chakra

    - Sacral Chakra

    - Power Chakra

    - Heart Chakra

    - Throat Chakra

    - Third Eye Chakra

    - Crown Chakra


    You will experience love at a higher, healthier elevation than ever before and become fully present to the love you have access to in every moment.


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