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    Making the World a More Loving & Peaceful Place, One Person at a Time

    Elizabeth B. Hill, MSW, ACC

    CEO & Publisher of Green Heart Living, LLC

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    Making the World a More Loving & Peaceful Place, One Person at a Time

    About Elizabeth

    CEO, Publisher, Author & Coach

    Elizabeth B. Hill, MSW, ACC is the founder and CEO of Green Heart Living. Elizabeth brings 15 years of experience writing and leading collaborations in the nonprofit sphere. She has taught mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills to thousands of people across the United States through her in-person classes and remote coaching.


    Trained as a social worker, yoga teacher and life coach, she weaves creativity, spirituality, and mindfulness into her work with clients. Elizabeth's special expertise in helping those with anxiety and high-stress lives ensures NOTHING gets in the way of her clients' projects.


    As a bestselling author, Elizabeth has a unique gift helping clients through the process of writing and publishing their stories and books, as well as utilizing writing to grow their businesses, impact, and income.

  • Dr. Barbara Milton

    "I frequently have a sense that I could be impactful with my story and that of my mother who recently died of Alzheimer's Dementia and of transforming my dissertation from 2009 into a relevant book for professionals working with youth at risk and yet I stalled. (Since working with Liz), I have 5 essays done and 3 more in the making so I am being productive.

    I have had a life long struggle with obesity and a 7 year fight with bladder cancer and I finally figured out that if I work on it from a spiritual sense then the emotional and physical recovery will happen. I meditate, pray and exercise more so I am feeling good in my soul. I feel supported and connected to her (Liz) and I can sense from each call that she cares about me and the work I am doing. I feel hopeful and lighter. We often have a good laugh."

    Kathleen Troy

    "There was a moment when I was barely holding on to my dream of becoming a full fledged life coach. It would have been much easier to fall back into what is automatic and comfortable- my lucrative, exhausting career as a hair colorist. I was nearly swallowed whole by my fear and inertia.


    Liz saw more for me, and with respect, kept me in the game of life, instead of continuing to "kick the can down the road". Liz has such a broad bandwidth for me to explore and tap into Spirit, and yet will spin around to facilitate when I am stuck in my story/ weeds. I share the parts of me that are scary or shaming- and together we shrink it and climb gently over. What felt like a steep mountain oddly becomes a speedbump.


    I highly recommend Liz to anyone who knows life has extraordinary gifts in store for them, and simply cannot move out of their own way!"


    Kristi Oloffson

    Liz helped me work through so many aspects of my life! She helped me re-vamp my habits, set boundaries and say no to some old behaviors that needed to go. She also encouraged me through a massive life transition and helped me stay the course on making a major move to leave my job and move to a new city. I’d highly recommend her for coaching, particularly if you work in the nonprofit space. She has expertise in coaching around this area and helped me avoid total burnout."

    Nancy Micloskey

    “I was fortunate to join Green Heart Women’s Coaching Group just as I was facing an enormous transition in my personal life. The support that Liz and the group members offered during the 7 weeks helped me acknowledge and accept the old, while challenging and encouraging me to envision and create the new. The variety of paths and journeys the group members were on makes this group appropriate and beneficial to anyone dedicated to personal growth and well-being.”

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