• Life Coaching

    Anxiety? High Pressure life? Intense Responsibilities with Family? Work? Clients? We Can Help.

    1:1 Coaching with Elizabeth

    We Got You.


    If you have found us, you are probably someone who works very hard for everyone else and gives very little thought to yourself and your own needs. If that's you, you are in good hands. And (spoiler alert), it's not about work/life balance, it's about whole-life alignment and it doesn't need to be hard.


    Elizabeth has taught mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills to hundreds of people across the United States through her in-person classes and remote coaching. She has over 15 years of experience of working in the nonprofit sphere and has a wealth of experience with the unique needs of people that are out to save the world. Trained as a social worker, yoga teacher, and life coach, she weaves creativity, spirituality, and mindfulness into her work with clients. Elizabeth's special expertise in helping those with anxiety and high-stress lives ensures nothing gets in the way of her clients' projects.

    A Program Designed for You

    Feel Overwhelmed? We've got you.


    Every season has its own needs. We will work with you to design a coaching program that is perfect for you.

    What Do Most Clients Do?

    Two Sessions Each Month


    Most of Elizabeth's clients have very busy lives and tend to take on way more than is reasonable for one human being. And, somehow, they rise to the occasion. Most clients that Elizabeth attracts enjoy having two sessions a month with her to make sure:

    - They are directing their energy in the most aligned and powerful way.

    - They are taking care of themselves, not just everyone else in their lives.

    - They can talk through conundrums and get to solutions faster, so as not to waste time or energy.

    - They keep their anxiety and panic attacks at bay.


    Most clients sign up for six months and keep renewing, as they enjoy having Elizabeth on their side as a trusted, ongoing support.

    Are There Other Options?


    Elizabeth enjoys co-creating programs for clients based on their unique needs. Some of her clients prefer weekly sessions and others want one session a month. Some prefer group settings and want to co-create a group for Elizabeth to facilitate.

    What Does It Cost?

    Just the Facts, Ma'am


    Most Popular: Two 60-minute sessions/month. $1800 for 6 months, $900 for 3 months, or $350/month.


    Weekly: Four 60-minute sessions/month. $3600 for 6 months, $1800 for 3 months, or $700/month.


    Monthly : One 60-minute session/month. $1200/year, $900 for 6 months, $175/month.

    Do You Just Coach Coaches and Authors?



    Many of Elizabeth's clients are authors and coaches, but not all.


    Elizabeth also coaches executives in the fields of finances, technology, health care, research, social work, and education. She finds working with people from a diverse variety of fields exciting.

    About Mentorship

    Is Writing and Coaching from Home Your Dream Job?


    Mentorship is for those that wish to build a profitable, spiritually aligned business like Elizabeth has created, utilizing writing and coaching. The world needs more green-hearted folk doing good work in the world. Elizabeth is on a mission to help people create work and life that is ideally suited for them. Nothing thrills her more than when she helps a client quit their day job.


    Mentorship is only open to two clients/year. The cost for mentorship is $12,000/year and includes two 60-minute meetings a week (one coaching, one co-creating Power Hour) plus a monthly Writers' Hive Mastermind for group support.