• Learn to Meditate

    Feeling Scattered?

    10-Minute Centering Practice

    When you feel overwhelmed and maxed out, take a few moments to re-center, refocus and

    get your power back. This video will show you how.

    Too Busy to Meditate?

    Breathing In, A Meditation in Two Breaths

    Learn to shift how you feel in as little as two breaths.

    New to Meditation?

    Simple 3-Minute Mantra Meditation

    In this short and sweet meditation, we use a mantra to reconnect with the breath.

    Help! I Can't Empty My Brain!

    What "Clearing the Mind" in Meditation Really Means

    When you try to meditate does it feel impossible? Will the thoughts just not go away? You aren't alone! And it doesn't mean you "aren't good at meditating".

    Hit By Bad News - Globally or Close to Home?

    Loving-Kindness Meditation

    When we hear of heart-breaking events on the news - or are experiencing them yourself - it can feel very hard to not feel shut down. This meditation will help you cope, get through, and gain energy to keep going.