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    Transformation 2020

    A Ladies' Power Lunch Anthology


    How can you use your challenges in life to accelerate your growth?

    Life can be hard, but the trials we face can also bring about radical and powerful personal transformation.

    This compilation of essays from heart-centered businesswomen invites you in to that process. First you will hear their stories of trial and challenge, and then learn how they used those times of trouble to propel them into a place where they could then help others.

    As you read their stories, you will also be invited to take your own challenges, and channel them into creating powerful avenues for healing, community, and change.




    Edited by Elizabeth B. Hill, Foreword by Dr. Davia H. Shepherd

    with Jacqueline A. Baldwin, Julia Bernadsky, Kacey Cardin,

    Robin H. Clare, Kristina Crooks, Maryann Cruz, Dee DiFatta, Lisa Braidwood Ferry, Robin Finney, Lynn Gallant,

    Angel Johnstone, Gina Marecki, Donna Martire Miller,

    Melissa Molinero, Lori Raggio, Mary Roy, Candi Sterling,

    Kristi H. Sullivan, and Noelymari Sanchez Velez



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    The Great Pause

    Blessings & Wisdom from COVID-19


    What has COVID-19 done for us? What blessings and opportunities has it given us? In this anthology, twenty-five authors share their personal experiences and collective wisdom from this unique time. Hailing from Manhattan to San Diego, the Cayman Islands to France, Connecticut to New Jersey, our authors include doctors, coaches, teachers, business owners, social workers, massage therapists, healers, food delivery workers, financial advisors, caregivers, parents, and grandparents. Our authors guide us through what they learned during this time- and invite us to ask what we dare to dream of for our future?


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    Love Notes

    Daily Wisdom for the Soul


    Daily wisdom from ancient and modern spiritual and thoughts leaders to help us source ourselves with love.


    A Breath of Fresh Air in a Wild World.


    "Elizabeth Hill curated a selection of their quotes into motivation, bite-sized nuggets to inspire each day. It's like receiving a daily text message from a seasoned coach." - Amy LaBossiere, author of "Finding Still Waters: The Art of Conscious Recovery".


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    Green Your Heart, Green Your World

    Avoid Burnout, Save the World, & Love Your Life


    This book is for the helpers and healers of the world:

    nonprofit professionals, teachers, parents, nurses, social workers, caregivers, community leaders, volunteers and anyone who spends their days in service to others. This book contains a wealth of practices (meditations, mindfulness, writing prompts, experiential practices to help in real life). Readers can expect to be inspired to share their own unique light with the world while being empowered to stay healthy, happy, and whole in the process.


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