• How Do Green Heart Book Collaborations Work?

    Always wanted to be a published author? Already an author and want to build your community of other professional writers? Have an idea for your own collaboration? Watch our video "The Joy & Power of Collaborations" to see how Green Heart uses book collaborations to bring joy and power to our clients' lives and businesses.

  • Why Be Part of a Collaborative Book?

    Here's What Our Authors Say They Got Out of It

    “A chance to tell your story and reframe it as the superpower/gift that it actually was.” Angel Johnstone


    "The Great Pause was the first opportunity for me to share, as an author, a “growth story”. It was not only cathartic for me, but an outpouring of love and gratitude with hopes of “hugging” whomever would be reading it. Short stories in a collaborative format are a path to creating your full novel." Christine Mola


    “Healing, community, a healing community, and an opportunity to put my voice on a bigger and bigger loudspeaker.”

    Ryan Hall


    "I got introspective in thinking about the whole COVID experience and the journey I took in its first months. I gained confidence in being able to write and believe that I have a story to share." April Goff Brown


    "The community of incredible people involved... a springboard into the world of authoring, the next next book!" Donna Martire Miller


    "We all have important life changing messages dwelling in our souls that desire to be shared. Join a collaborative so that the world may hear YOUR message! Personally I have gained new relationships that fill me with so much joy. My cup runneth over." Jacqueline Baldwin


    "I learned so much about myself through this process and gained confidence in writing - much needed! Plus it was so incredible to meet the other authors!" Caren Hefner Pauling


    “Confidence. Community. Inspiration to move forward and write my own book.” Robin Finney


  • Upcoming Book Collaborations

    Write, learn, publish, and grow with a community of green-hearted folks.

    Post-Acute Triumphant TBI Stories

    With HobbleJog Foundation

    Embrace Your Space

    With Embrace Your Space CT

  • Accepting Authors Now 

    Curious about collaborating? Come create with us.

    Post-Acute Triumphant TBI Stories

    with the HobbleJog Foundation

    In this book collaboration, the HobbleJog Foundation and Green Heart Living Press bring together 20 authors to share their stories of triumphant, long-term recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We are seeking authors from across the United States who are willing to share their personal stories with TBI, including the resources that made long-term recovery possible. We are also interested in the stories of people caring for those with TBI.


    Click here to apply.


    Click here to view the timeline.


    Embrace Your Space

    "Physical or mental, it's your space, embrace it." - Benjamin Albert

    Decluttering and organizing our physical surroundings can be one of the most challenging and confronting tasks - and also the most rewarding. In this collaboration, we are looking for 1) professionals who work with clients to clear, declutter, and organize, 2) people who have gone through (or are currently going through) an organizing and decluttering process of their own or a loved one's home, and 3) those who grew up in hoarding environments who broke free as adults.


    In this collaboration, Embrace Your Space CT and Green Heart Living are partnering to share a variety of stories and experiences to give those who feel overwhelmed by their physical - and mental - environments a compassionate guide to loving their external and internal homes again.


    Click here to view the timeline.


    Click here to apply.

    Finding My Marbles

    "Not all those who wander are lost." - J. R. R. Tolkien

    Have you ever lost your way, only to discover you weren't really lost at all? Did you ever lose everything and come into something much better than you had expected? In this collaboration, Bloom23 Productions and Green Heart Living collaborate to bring together 20 authors to share their inspirational stories.


    Click here to read the invitation.


    Click here to view the project timeline.


    Click here to apply.

  • Book Collaborations

    Collaborate with other authors to bring your story and message into the world

    Transformation 2020

    A Ladies' Power Lunch Anthology

    Released September 2020

    20 inspiring stories of power and healing from women leaders.


    50% of all royalties from Transformation 2020 are contributed to the Ladies' Power Lunch Fund at the Main Street Community Foundation.


    Interested in being a contributing author in the next Ladies' Power Lunch Anthology? Click Here for More Info

    The Great Pause: Blessings &

    Wisdom from Covid-19

    Released July 2020

    25 collaborating authors come together to share their personal experiences and collective wisdom from this unique time.


    100% of book royalties from "The Great Pause" are donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).


    "The Great Pause: Blessings & Wisdom from Covid-19" was released July 2020 by Green Heart Living Press.

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    Develop your leadership, build your brand, and generate income through organizing a collaborative book project.


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